Car/Van DPF & EGR Cleaning

 We have invested in Forte's Diesel Particulate filter and EGR cleaning machine. We can professionally clean your car's fuel system and internal components without disassembly. Once done, the DPF, EGR, Inlet and exhaust system is rid of carbon deposits. This is a proven technology and will allow your car/van to perform like it did from the factory! 

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Car/Van Remapping

 We offer a bespoke custom-written ECU remapping service. Done via the OBD port of your car/van we can add more BHP to your motor or even gain you a few more MPG through increased power and smoother torque delivery meaning less gear changes. Starting from just £199 we can transform your car or van in little over an hour. 



 We use main dealer level diagnostics and can provide you with a full diagnostic report, detailing what codes are present and what may be causing them. We have years of experiencing with Landrover and Range Rover especially, so you can trust us to give you honest advice.